What is an ACO?

Q. What is an ACO?

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of doctors, hospitals, and health care providers working together with insurers to give you high quality, more coordinated service and care.

Q. What are Care Coordinators?

Care Coordinators are experienced nurses that have a wide variety of backgrounds including home health, office based, hospital, and skilled nursing care. The Care Coordinators are there to support you and your healthcare team to make sure you get the care you need. This may include help setting up appointments, problem solving to improve your health, or help navigating the medical “system”.

Q. How does Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Partners benefit our patients?

With an ACO program, you, the patient, are the center of care, and your satisfaction with your overall care and coordination of services is one of our most important goals. Our focus is making sure you are getting the right care at the right time and that your care coordinator, working closely with your provider, is helping you understand your care plan, medications and treatment options. With your permission we can combine information from all your doctors so they can see a complete picture of your labs, tests and health status. When your health care providers have access to your health information, they won’t only know about the health issues that they have treated, they will also have a more complete picture of your health.

Q. What resources are available for patients living with complex or chronic health conditions?

If you’re living with a complex or chronic health condition, you may be assigned a Care Coordinator.

Your Care Coordinator is here to provide you with the individual support and assistance you need. With you every step of the way, your Care Coordinator will get to know you and be a familiar face as part of your care.

You can meet with your Care Coordinator in person or over the phone, and he or she will even attend doctor appointments with you to make sure all your questions are answered.

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Manage medications
  • Coordinate your health care appointments
  • Learn tips for self-care
  • Access resources or programs that you need
Q. If I am a Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiary, how can I find out more about the Medicare Shared Savings Program?
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